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Prevent your company from making the mistake we've already made.
During the financial crisis of 2008, we started our first startup. Bootstrapping everything ourselves, we created a service for creative companies with large teams to streamline their workflow. Even though the service worked great, we failed miserably. We focused on creating a bulky product that solved a lot of problems and waited with launching it until everything was perfect. This approach is a utopia, an enormous waste of time and resources. Many business owners struggle with the same issues: how much do I invest, when can I ship, and how do I hire talent? We decided to start helping business owners and apply in their digital ventures everything we learned.

“We don’t waste time
making everything in one go. The core of your service is essential. We start compact, so we can scale up afterward.”

Erik van de Wiel Founder of
Startup Studio De Monsters
This paragraph is the summary of us.
Our core belief is that digital ventures can only succeed when the founders invest smartly and create a compact first version of their product or service. This way, you can start securing a loyal customer base, make adjustments depending on market needs, and create value from the start. Startup Studio De Monsters works together with startup founders to create the digital parts of their company.