Long-term cooperation as co-founders with a commitment to make your digital venture a success.
As co-founders, we create the digital part of your company.
We have a startup team with the expertise to create the first version of your product or service. Together we develop a roadmap for the upcoming years and form a long term strategy. We become co-founders and focus on the digital parts of your company.
As co-founders, in return, we get a share in your company.
Let's be clear: our goal is that eventually, it will become your company entirely. This collaboration, however, is a partnership in its purest form. This means that we get a percentage of the company. How much depends on specifics such as the amount of risk we have to take, available budget you bring along, and market penetration opportunities. The starting point is that we agree on this fairly.
As co-founders, our goal isto create a stable company.
The collaboration can only become successful if we're on the same page. It's a relationship built on trusting each other and working together to make a stable company.

Let’s venture together

Have we triggered your interest, and do you know an excellent opportunity to start a digital venture? Let's meet and see if we can help each other.
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