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Are you a business owner or manager and looking for ways to improve the efficiency of your organization?
Prevent your company from making the mistake we've already made.
Our core business is starting digital ventures with limited resources. We help startups invest in organic growth and focus on rapid experiments to see what works and what doesn’t. Companies with a proven track record can benefit and learn from the growth-minded and self-sufficient culture that startups need to possess to survive. We advise them on what they can get from startup culture and mentality.
A list of topics we can help you with.
Among other things, we advise organizations with the following:
  • Innovation in large companies.
  • Creating a growth mindset.
  • Explore possibilities through rapid experimentation.
  • Breaking a harmful silo mentality by information sharing and collaboration.
  • User experience (UX) and service design.
  • Reality checking new business ideas.


We help companies that focus on profitability and risk aversion with what they can learn from startups. Are you looking for a different perspective, improving the efficiency of your company and innovate like a startup? Contact us, and we’ll tell you how we can help.
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