Change Your Perspective

Issued by: IN10 communicatie

The port of Rotterdam is Europe's leading port and industrial complex. But besides having the numbers to support that claim, the port is also constantly evolving itself and asking it's employees to look at the port from various perspectives.

Using modern techniques, yet still supporting a range of older browsers, the story of the port is told. The responsive design helps to show the content tailored to the device you are using. It is built using HTML, CSS and lots of JavaScript with a mixture of SVG, tweening and image sequences for animations. Resulting in a rich website without the use of Flash.

EenVandaag: De Stemming

Issued by: Driebit

During the 2012 elections in The Netherlands, De Monsters got a unique opportunity: visualize the outcome of a new polling system on national television, the web and iPad.

Bacardi 150 / 150

Issued by: Fitzroy

In 2012 Bacardi celebrated their 150th anniversary. And instead of throwing just one big party, they celebrated by throwing a total of 150 parties throughout the year. Ranging from a huge kickoff event, to cocktail workshops to summer festivals and exclusive private parties. Each party had an exlusive number ranging from 1/150 to 150/150. The nights were numbered.

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